Highest Inspection Rating

Recent Inspection report declared highest rating of excellent

Ardingly College was inspected by the ISI in 2018 and we were delighted to be awarded the top inspection rating of excellent.

Key findings:

  • The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.
  • Pupils of all ages seek to achieve to the best of their ability and make excellent academic progress.
  • Pupils engage enthusiastically in their learning and excel in a wide range of extra-curricular pursuits and enrichment opportunities.
  • Pupils’ experiences and knowledge are expanded from being part of an international community, especially in the Sixth Form and in boarding.
  • Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning, being positive, resilient and hard working. They especially thrive in team work and in collaborative learning environments.
  • Pupils have excellent communication skills, are highly articulate and are good listeners.
  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.
  • Pupils of all ages are confident and engaging young people who are happy in their school.
  • Pupils feel valued for their strengths and talents and recognise that not everyone can be good at everything.
  • Pupils’ experiences in boarding and the house system are major influences in their excellent social development.
  • Pupils have an excellent spiritual awareness and appreciation, and exhibit their strong moral code which is exemplified in their self-discipline and courteous behaviour.
  • Pupils have a highly developed sense of responsibility to their school community and recognise the importance of service to others through their voluntary and charity work.

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