Sports at Ardingly – Striving To Be the Best

At Ardingly College, our sports programme caters to a wide audience, and we take immense pride in our rich and rewarding sports programme, designed to nurture well-rounded athletes while fostering inclusivity and excellence for all abilities.

At Ardingly College, we understand that achieving excellence in sports requires clear goals, mental preparedness, and physical strength and skills. With these principles in mind, the Sports Department has outlined several key goals:

The Sports Department has a number of key goals:

  • To provide regular competitive fixtures for students in the major sports and for the educational values of teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship to be emphasised to students
  • To educate children about the health benefits (physical and psychological) of taking part in sport and physical exercise
  • To provide the expertise and coaching opportunities for students who demonstrate the ability to go on and play their sport at a regional or national level

Our all-inclusive sports programme encourages boys and girls to actively participate in termly sports, with weekly matches providing valuable opportunities for growth and development

Renowned for our success in hockey, football, and swimming, both for boys and girls, Ardingly College stands as a beacon of sporting achievement. Our 1st teams consistently hold their own against some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious sporting schools. This achievement is attributed to our structured training approach, built upon our four pillars of performance, and facilitated by our exceptional coaching staff. Many of our students at this level are part of our performance pathway, receiving personalised training programs, including strength and conditioning, to optimize their performance and minimize the risk of injury.


Ardingly College embraces an all-inclusive sports programme, encouraging boys and girls to actively participate in termly sports with weekly matches. The fixtures, held on a Saturday, provide opportunities for the majority of students to represent the school with pride. We field numerous teams of varying abilities, ensuring that each student can experience the joy of competing and contributing to the team’s success. Our A teams have achieved remarkable success, winning cups and medals, for other teams, the focus is on creating a positive and enjoyable sporting experience.

For students in Shell (Year 9) and Remove (Year 10) the major sports played are:

Termly Sports Programme Senior School

Michaelmas TermFootball / Cross Country / SwimmingHockey / Cross Country / Swimming
Lent TermHockey / Cross Country / SwimmingNetball / Cross Country / Swimming
Trinity TermCricket / Athletics / TennisFootball / Cricket / Athletics / Tennis

Students in the Fifth and Sixth Form have a greater choice of sports available to them during games sessions.


Our games programme together with our enrichment programme offers a variety of sports for children to explore and enjoy. From football, hockey, and swimming to cross country, rowing, and squash, there is something for everyone. Our clubs provide opportunities for skill development and fitness, catering to students’ diverse interests and passions.


Ardingly College boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a well-equipped Strength and Conditioning Centre with 50 pieces of equipment. Our students have access to two dedicated sports halls, an indoor swimming pool, and two astro-turf pitches. Numerous football, rugby, netball, and tennis courts are all conveniently located on campus. Additionally, Ardingly Reservoir, situated on our grounds, provides a superb water facility for rowing, sailing, and team building activities.


Many of our Performance athletes are sports scholars, benefiting from personalised training programmes and mentorship from our sports staff. Our scholarship scheme available at 11+, 13+ and 16+ supports students in balancing their sporting commitments alongside their academic studies, helping them to excel both on and off the field.


For our most talented athletes, we offer the Extended Sports Programme known as the Performance Pathway. This unique programme provides gifted students with additional weekly sessions, allowing them to hone their skills and compete at a higher level. Supported by top-tier coaching, our Performance Pathway students receive specialized training to reach new heights of excellence.


Our sports programme is led by a team of specialist sports coaches who work with pupils of all ages and abilities, aligning their efforts towards common goals. From beginners to advanced athletes, every child receives top-tier coaching, ensuring they can excel in their chosen sports. Our coaches, some of whom are International and Premiership stars, bring their passion and expertise to the field, guiding our students on a journey of growth and achievement.

Sport in the Curriculum

PE is offered at GCSE and in the Sixth Form.


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