We prepare our students to be

World Ready

Achieving in a competitive world

Our mantra is ‘nobody excels at everything, but everyone can excel at something.’ Our purpose is to find and develop that something for all our students.

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Engage with the world around you

The wider our horizons, the further we can travel. In a hyper-connected world, engaging with the wider world is essential. A diverse school community is a good place to start exploring our knowledge of the world, our relationships with others and our understanding of difference.


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Choose your own path

The ability for students to choose the right subjects and courses lies at the heart of a personalised education. We offer a broad choice of GCSE courses and unique options in the Sixth Form of IB Diploma, A Level and BTEC courses. Making the right choice is the first step on the road to success.


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Supporting every student

For some children, school life passes without incident. However, most children will experience some bumps in the road as they grow up. Friendship issues, academic anxiety, or concerns with self-esteem are among the challenges of teenage life.  With caring support from staff, friends and parents, they can be overcome. Such is the importance of pastoral support.

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Leading the way

As the world changes, so must schools evolve to meet the challenges our children will face in their lifetimes. We seek to provide an education that will sustain children into their adult lives, and launch them towards future success and fulfilment.

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Come and see for yourself

We would love you to come and see our school. Keep an eye on the website to check for visit dates, and we hope to see you soon at Ardingly College.


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