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A World Ready Education

While we are proud of our students’ academic achievements, with The Sunday Times ranking us as the top school in West Sussex (and in the top 50 schools nationally) for A Level and IB results, it is clear that exam results are not the only or even the best indicator of a student’s potential to succeed in the rapidly changing world we live in.

Increasingly, children need to develop aptitudes, skills and personal qualities outside the scope of examined courses in order to thrive in a world disrupted by new technologies, emerging career opportunities and changing social attitudes. To meet this challenge, we have recently revised our World Ready mission for the next generation as the cornerstone of our new whole College strategy Towards 2030.

Towards 2030 strategy

About Ardingly

At Ardingly College Senior School, we offer an outstanding education, providing a wide range of opportunities within our diverse and inclusive community. Our student body boasts a near-equal split of boys and girls, with a similar mix of day and boarding students.

With 850 students in the Senior School, we strike the perfect balance – large enough to field winning sports teams and offer a world-class programme of 130+ enrichment opportunities – yet small enough for every student to be known as an individual and be recognised for their unique achievements.

Ardingly College consistently ranks among the top schools in the country for both A-level and IB results


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Supporting Every Student to Achieve Their Potential

Our mantra is ‘nobody excels at everything, but everyone can excel at something.’ Our purpose is to find and develop that something for all our students. Many will find their passion in the classroom, given the wide range of academic subjects we offer, while others will do so as part of the world-class programme of extra-curricular activities they will experience at Ardingly.

We believe the foundation of this success is our outstanding pastoral support, which enables students to thrive academically, personally, and socially. Our House system ensures small pastoral groups and individual attention; no student can get lost or overlooked. Ardingly strives to always provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment that equips students with the employability, entrepreneurial and life skills they will need to be ready for a changing world.