Our Dance Programme is led by our Head of Dance, Lindsay Willis-Wood.


The college boasts a brand-new purpose-built studio, complete with state-of-the-art sound system, mirrors, dance floor and ballet barres.


Co-Curricular Dance

In the Senior School, Dance is a part of our extensive Games and Enrichment Programme and students can take weekly dance sessions that include the learning of Contemporary, Hip Hop, Commercial and Jazz styles. The college has its only in-house Elite Dance Programme as well as offering both Royal Academy (Ballet) and National Association (Contemporary) dance examinations. Students also have access to the Art Award Scheme which allows them to gain awards in the arts that can later be applied to their higher education applications. Once a part of our dance community, students will also be able to access other opportunities such as trips to the theatre, workshops, and dance intensive courses.


Annual Senior Dance Show: Lost in Motion

Students in Year 7 to Upper 6th work towards our show during the Michaelmas and early Lent term. The show is a complete variety of dance styles and performances, including our students own choreographic creations.  The music department support the show and will often play live accompaniment, giving our students a greater performing experience.


Contemporary Dance (Senior School Year 7-Upper Sixth)

With Contemporary Dance leading the way for all educational dance programmes it is the perfect genre of dance for any pupil with an avid interest in the arts. Sessions will give pupil’s an insight into the technical and physical skills needed to work within the professional dance sector and well as develop their own choreographic and performance skills in this art form. Classes will include the learning of Graham, Cunningham and Release techniques, floor and travelling exercises. Once embedded within the co-curricular programme, pupil’s will also be offered National Association examinations in this style too.


Street & Commercial Dance (Early Years, Prep & Senior School)

Street Dance now features within the educational syllabus and has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Breaking, Locking, House, Hip Hop and Waacking are just some of the styles that pupils will explore as well as being encouraged to embrace the urban culture of individuality, positivity, socialisation and unity.


Other styles of dance that may be offered

Acro Dance / Skills



Musical Theatre

Strength, Fitness and Flexibility