Ardingly Prep School

Shaping my World

Shaping my World

Ardingly College Prep School provides fantastic education for boys and girls from two years old. Our commitment is to create a vibrant, welcoming community that encourages our children to grab every opportunity to learn, grow and shape their world.

Working collaboratively with our Senior School, we have introduced our own age-appropriate versions of World Ready called Shaping My World. The initiative is based on four characteristics we feel will shape the children’s lives at our Prep School and going forward as they become independent and ready for the challenges beyond Year 6.

The whole programme has been built around pupils embracing and showing evidence of the four ‘US’s’ – AdventuroUS, CurioUS, GeneroUS and IngenioUS; the idea being that everyone is in it together, hence ‘us’.  . The initiative becomes commonplace as part of the timetable and helps pupils acquire characteristics and skills which will stay with them for life.

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Be AdventuroUS

Children enjoy being challenged and are excited when they learn or do something new. They discover their own identity and are encouraged to come out of their comfort zone to face new challenges.

“The children are brave in the way they persevere with new challenges in their outdoor adventures on the school grounds.”

ISI Report 2018


If a child is willing to take risks or try something new, with encouragement and support, they build resilience and something that appears impossible, becomes possible.

“The positive and encouraging environment allows shy and reticent children to build confidence.”

ISI Report 2018

Be CurioUS

Curiosity is the catalyst to learning and we seek to ignite this in every child so they are always eager to know or learn something new. In and out of the classroom, delving into the past, considering the present and looking to the future, we aim to excite and engage whilst deepening understanding through reflection and questioning.

“Pupils are enthusiastic and motivated in lessons and they apply themselves well. Their skills in collaborative learning are a considerable strength.”

ISI Report 2018

Be GeneroUS

We ask children to consider their actions towards others and how they feel about how someone treats them. They soon realise that kindness is a powerful quality, it makes everyone happy.

“Pupils throughout the school have a strong awareness of the needs of others.”

ISI Report 2018

Teaching, observation and reflection builds a child’s moral compass. Furnished with an empathetic understanding of themselves and of others we hope they show a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected.

“Prep teachers are always ready to help and praise whilst creating a culture of challenge asking ‘Do you agree and if not, why?’ Prep pupils are encouraged to spot mistakes, collaborate with their peers and share in their self ­ assessment”

ISI Report 2018

Be IngenioUS

The ingenious have original ideas and opinions. We give our children the reassurance to have belief in themselves and nurture this creative thinking.

“They are eager to seek out the world of new experiences.”

ISI Report 2018

Original ideas and opinions, responding creatively and reacting inventively, is possible when a child has belief in themselves. With encouragement and reassurance, they gain the confidence to step away from the norm.

“Prep teachers are always ready to help and praise whilst creating a culture of challenge asking ‘Do you agree and if not, why?’ Prep pupils are encouraged to spot mistakes, collaborate with their peers and share in their self ­ assessment.”

ISI Report 2018

Wrap Around Care

Available 50 weeks a year to provide extra care for parents if they need it. Children can spend extended days in a familiar environment for up to 50 weeks a year. We know how hard it can be to juggle childcare and work so we provide this provision to partner our parental body.




The younger years; Reception – Year 2, occupy a converted farm which lies in its own peaceful, walled grounds in an idyllic location where children can explore, imagine, and be creative in spacious, light classrooms surrounded by acres of fields and woods.

Older pupils; Year 3 – Year 6, are currently located within the main College building, most classrooms are within the ‘H’ block and there are Prep School science labs.

The wonderful facilities on the Ardingly College estate, such as an indoor pool, sports facilities, forest school site and on-site catering  are available for use by all year groups.

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