Year 8 Careers Fair

On Friday the 28th, the school had a Year 8 careers fair, providing our Lower School pupils with an exciting chance to learn more about different career avenues and a rare opportunity to speak one-on-one with multiple amazing people!

I hadn’t realised how many different jobs there would be there, and some of them I didn’t know very well, which is why I think it was very clever and also very fun that we had to guess the jobs of these people by asking them yes or no questions. By asking them questions to find out what their job was, it allowed us to understand their jobs more and what they do. Some people told me that they are on a completely different career path than the subjects they took for A levels, which reassured me because I had so many new things I wanted to do!

When I spoke to a General lawyer, I really liked her opinion of what the difference between a job and a career was. She told me that a job is just something you do to make money and don’t really enjoy, and it would be very tiring to do a job until you retire, but a career is something that you enjoy doing and that is what matters.

I now have many more jobs that have sparked my interest such as the police detective, film marketer, singer, structure CEO, lawyer, etc. The aspects that I found interesting were how the Structure CEO gets permission to build and improve a wide range of infrastructure across the world, how the singer talked about herself and her passion in her career and I especially loved how the general lawyer travels all around the world and meets so many amazing people, she talked very passionately about her job!

After talking to everyone, I noticed that they all said the same thing, and that is, if you follow your interests, you can always find the career you love and enjoy.

– Ayla M, Year 8 Pupil