Exceptional Pastoral Experience

Our original roots as a College are in boarding and we extend these high pastoral standards to every student whether they be day or flexi boarding. We offer full boarding, weekly, flexi and a full day provision from 8-7pm at night, allowing broad parental and student choice. At Prep School we also offer a vast array of activities and clubs to get involved with after school. In Nursery we offer a full 50 week a year provision.

A sense of belonging is paramount to a child’s wellbeing, which is why at Ardingly College every individual will find their place and will have the support they need to find it and fit in.

Pupils appreciate the pastoral care provided by house parents, tutors and the work of pupil mentors and the buddy system to help new pupils to settle in. A new boarder arriving recently reported that ‘Ardingly is not only a school but a home’. Living and working alongside each other they develop friendships among different age groups and learn to balance their own needs and interests alongside those of others.

ISI Report 2018

A 24-hour Medical Centre is available and there are plenty of places and people for boys and girls to turn to should they need help and advice.