World Ready

Achieving in a Competitive World

Our mantra is ‘Nobody excels at everything, but everyone can excel at something.’ Our purpose is to find and develop that something for all our pupils.

Shooting for the moon

We aim for all our pupils to achieve academic excellence. For our brightest pupils, this leads to top grades and admission to leading global universities. For others, the grades may be less stellar, but the achievement in value added and personal satisfaction is equal if not greater.

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, from articulate debating to creative problem-solving and team leadership. Everyone is valued for the contribution they make to their class or social group, to their House, and to the School.

Collective success

However hard you work, you will struggle to achieve anything of value on your own. We aim to forge a partnership between pupils, parents and teachers that helps children to achieve their full potential, and to learn the value of community, friendship and teamwork.


A*-B or IB 7-5


A*-A at A Level


Pupils achieved only A*s and As

Top 10

IB School in the UK

A word from the inspectors

“Pupils throughout the school are seeking to achieve to the best of their ability in the outstanding range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to them.

Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning, being positive, resilient and hard-working. They especially thrive in team work and in collaborate learning environments.”

ISI Report, February 2018

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