Academic Excellence

An Ardingly College education is not all about academic excellence, but in a highly competitive world where results open up opportunities, strong academic performance is a very valuable asset.

We invest in our teachers with a strong professional development programme to ensure they remain at the height of their profession.

We encourage every child to achieve their academic best. Students freely enter competitions and awards which acknowledge their capabilities. We achieve impressive results both at GCSE level, IB and AL. 


An education to suit each individual

The choice for Sixth Form sets Ardingly College apart from many other independent schools as we offer a broad range of popular A-Levels, BTEC courses, and of course the International Baccalaureate programme. Parents are now choosing a senior school when their child is as young as ten years. At this age students may be unsure which route they will wish to take when they reach sixth form. Providing this academic breadth allows students to discover the course that best suits them. 

English, Maths and Science are compulsory GCSE subjects and students are guided towards their further subject options. 

In Prep School pupils can have the choice to take Spanish or Latin in Year 7. Pre-Prep pupils influence their curriculum by choosing topics that inspire them. This is used as the subject matter of the creative curriculum.