Steepo 2022

We were blessed with a rain-free afternoon for Steepo 2022, even if the morning left the course a bit muddy. This is the biggest sporting event of the year

In terms of the number of students, and with the Lower School involved for the first time, this was the biggest Steepo ever: 705 students crossed the finishing line ranging from our youngest runner, Evie S in Thorne, who came 18th in the Lower School Girls race, to our oldest, Roy C in Woodard Boys and Mertens, who came 38th in the Senior Boys race. We also had many staff gamely competing too.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and competed with such good humour and House spirit.

Our thanks must go, too, to all the staff who assisted by marshalling, organising the starts, timing, recording, handing out tickets and completing the House lists. And we are ever grateful to the grounds staff for marking out the course and setting up the funnels at the finish.


Lower School Girls’ Cup: Shaw

Lower School Boys’ Cup: Shaw

Overall Lower School Cup: Shaw

NEW Cup – for the fastest top 20% Lower School Students: Hamilton


Junior Girls’ Cup: Burgess

Senior Girls’ Cup: Toynbee

Overall Girls’ Cup: Burgess

Ridd Cup – for the fastest top 20% Junior Girls: Burgess

NEW Cup – for the fastest top 20% Senior Girls: Neal


Junior Boys’ Cup: Mertens

Senior Boys’ Cup: Rhodes

Bryant Cup – for the best overall Boys’ House: Hilton

Thompson Cup – for the fastest top 20% Junior Boys: Mertens

Youd Cup – for the fastest top 20% Senior Boys: Rhodes


Once again, we decided to reward House Spirit and those that really give their all to the true meaning of Steepo by not giving up. The Endeavour Cups reward Houses who may not have done so well overall but who, by banding together, leave no one behind.

Lower School Endeavour: Shaw

Junior Girls Endeavour: Burgess

Senior Girls Endeavour: Toynbee

Junior Boys Endeavour: Mertens

Senior Boys Endeavour: Rhodes