Upper Sixth House Life

Woodard aims to produce young adults who recognise their own worth and the value and role of others in our community. It is a key element of the College’s 21st century education, preparing students for university life and the world of work. Our job is to provide a supportive co-educational environment for the Upper Sixth students. Here, they can develop educationally, spiritually, and morally into well-rounded, compassionate, thoughtful and aspirational individuals.



Woodard Boys and Woodard Girls are housed in the impressive Godwin Hall, a purpose-built, en suite boarding and day house, officially opened by the eponymous Old Ardinian, Charles Godwin, in 2013.

Accommodation is located on four floors. Each has a Brew Room: a kitchen with microwave, fridge, dishwasher, sink, kettle and toaster.

Boarders have their own room. The bed has storage underneath and there’s a wardrobe, lockable drawers, bookshelves, desk, and a bathroom with shower.

Day students’ rooms have mostly two sharing, with some larger rooms for three and four to share. Day students have the same facilities as the boarders, apart from a bed, although some of the larger rooms do have cabin beds for occasional boarding as required.

At the centre of the house, facilities are shared with the girls. The common room area has a large TV with Sky television, DVD, table football, pool table, table tennis and piano for impromptu musical moments.  A larger kitchen and the Woodard Bar is found here too.

Boys and girls also have their own separate homely common room where they can relax and watch movies.

Finally, there are four work and computer rooms, and a house library. Wi-Fi is available throughout the house.


Freedom with responsibility

With Upper Sixth Formers in one house, we are able to give students greater freedom. Of course, with greater freedom comes greater responsibility.

Girls and boys are encouraged to socialise in the common room area between their two houses and at numerous social events. Vitally, they are also required to respect each other’s privacy as appropriate.

The Woodard Bar allows sensible drinking in a mature environment.  There’s greater involvement in decision making and although some offices are held, organisation tends to be the result of ad hoc committees of interested or involved parties.

In the spirit of the house, let one of the students have a say:

“One of the highlights of Woodard is the fact that the entirety of Upper Sixth is in one house.  It produces a sense of community, cements our past together and also helps us set our eyes on the future, because in Woodard we are all at the same point in our life journey.  This feeling, common throughout everyone in the house, really does turn the year into something special. Woodard House will always be a fond memory.”


House events

Woodard is a busy house with people working hard in their final year, but also looking to share memorable moments with friends.

There are plenty of organised events; Laser Quest, team building in the woods and regular Wednesday night five-a-side footy are just a few examples.  Cultural nights have included music, Asian, European and Burns Night; all memorable occasions when our best musicians take to the floor or we are introduced to the culture and cuisine of our overseas boarders.

Quiz nights, a race night, Summer Ball, a Christmas party, house trips and impromptu pizza nights fill other evenings.

Bar night is every Friday, when we simply celebrate the start of the weekend with a couple of drinks, good humour, crisps and chocolate.

It goes without saying that Woodard rises to the challenge of the cultural inter-house events and supports all the College charities.

There are also in-house table tennis, pool and bar football competitions to ensure there’s never a dull moment.

The last word on Woodard goes to one of its members:

“The energy and the atmosphere in Woodard really mix together to make a unique house that is warm, friendly and a pleasure to be part of.”