We help our Pupils

Discover their World

At such a tender age, experimentation and discovery are crucial to a child’s development. We know the children are growing up in an ever-changing world so our job is to help them discover their world. We believe every child has the right to a safe, happy and exciting childhood, filled with opportunities to learn and grow. This is reflected in both our excellent pastoral care and our engaging curriculum. We encourage our young pupils to live by four core values; to be adventurous, curious, generous and ingenious. These values encourage academic and personal development and endearing and empowering personal qualities.

“Our task is not to prepare children for something. Our task is to help them learn how to prepare themselves for anything.”

A. Juliani


Children enjoy being challenged and are excited when they learn or do something new. They discover their own identity and are encouraged to come out of their comfort zone to face new challenges.

“The children are brave in the way they persevere with new challenges in their outdoor adventures on the school grounds.”

ISI Report 2018


We ask children to consider their actions towards others and how they feel about how someone treats them. They soon realise that kindness is a powerful quality, it makes everyone happy.

“Pupils throughout the school have a strong awareness of the needs of others.”

ISI Report 2018


The curious develop an inquiring, questioning mind. We encourage children to challenge what they see and hear in order to solve problems and reach their own conclusions.

“The youngest children in the Pre-Prep are naturally curious, love to explore.”

ISI Report 2018


The ingenious have original ideas and opinions. We give our children the reassurance to have belief in themselves and nurture this creative thinking.

“They are eager to seek out the world of new experiences.”

ISI Report 2018

A Love of Learning

Children are happiest, and learn best, when the topic has meaning and relevance to them. At this very young age it is important that children engage in, and thoroughly enjoy, their learning. With passion and enthusiasm, our teachers bring subjects to life and develop the trust and respect of every child to help them reach their full potential.

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A Wonderful Learning Environment

The Pre-Prep is set in its own peaceful, walled grounds in an idyllic location where children can explore, imagine, and be creative in spacious, light classrooms surrounded by acres of fields and woods.

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Come and see for yourself

We would love you to come and see our school. We hold Open Mornings every term which provide the opportunity for you and your family to take a look around our wonderful Pre-Prep and Nursery, meet our teachers and our pupils.

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