Personal Spotlight – Tom Scully

Tom Scully 

Meet Tom Scully, the new Chief Operating Officer at Ardingly College. 

Tom Scully joined Ardingly College as the Chief Operating Officer in October 2022, following his previous role working across 15 schools for the University of Brighton Academies Trust, as the Executive Director of Finance and Operations. This has provided him with extensive knowledge of the educational landscape. 

Tom is thrilled to tackle new and exciting challenges around the College, conducting work engaging with all aspects of the school, from Pre-Prep to the Senior School, enrichment events and staff, ensuring that all the work we do aligns with the vision and values of the school ethos. He aims to ensure that we have happy and effective people, as well as having efficient data processes and systems in place, making sure that we not only produce pupils that are ‘World Ready’, but that we also have a College that is ‘World Ready’ in itself. In particular, he is hoping to involve the support staff with enrichment activities, create more development opportunities, and to be involved in the sustainability committee, to fundamentally build trust between all staff and students and to foster positive and transformative outcomes.