Matilda Jr. The Musical!

This term, on a rare occasion at Ardingly, years 8 and 9 performed in a production  Matilda Jr. the Musical together and the outcome was a huge sell out success. The popular story of a little girl, blessed with a magnificent brain, who over comes the odds and beats the bully, is one that has been enjoyed by many all over the world.

From the moment she took on the task, our Director knew that she wanted the production to be a little different to what people expected, and the slick ‘snake like’ Ms Trunchbull, plus the stripped back set and no swings in sight ‘When I Grow Up’, was welcomed by the audience. Having year 9s take on the majority of the main roles, with Year 8 supporting, meant that stamina was just a little more present and rehearsals were highly productive. Each performer took ownership of their roles, creating memorable characters that brought the magic to life.


I must commend my assistant director and choreographer Ms McPhilemy for outstanding routines that really carried the piece. I was blessed with fantastic performers, who each gave thier all no matter how big or small thier role was. Special mentions must be made to Sophie Thompson for her Ms Trunchbull. It was oily, but refined, brutally mean but elegant. And to Marnie Harris as Matilda. When she walked into the auditions with space buns poised on her head, already with a glint of the ‘little bit naughty’ in her eye; I knew this production was going to be special!

– Director and Drama Teacher Ms Marshall-McBain