Ardingly College International

Ardingly College’s mission is to equip our students to be World Ready.

The World Ready journey starts locally but progresses internationally. Since adopting the IB over 20 years ago as one of our pathways to university, Ardingly College has sought to ensure that our students develop a truly global perspective.

Ardingly College International is the natural extension of this endeavour and aims to establish international partnerships with organisations who share our World Ready vision.

International Partnerships

We have started to achieve this aim by establishing three types of partnerships, catering to the specific needs of each organisation, and in the process providing unique learning experiences for our students and staff. No matter what type of partnership, we always ensure we add significant value to the schools with which we partner.

Educational consultancy

In the last five years we have delivered focused educational consultancy to selected schools and organisations around the world, including China, Kenya and Vietnam. We have advised these schools on a variety of projects, including strengthening pastoral care structures, developing a new curriculum and providing overall strategic counsel.

Ardingly College International schools

Most recently we have begun to establish a family of Ardingly College International schools abroad. Each of our international schools will share a World Ready vision for education which prepares students for their future lives, but which is contextualised locally and which caters for parents in the local market. Each school will aim to be a leading international school in its own region and will be financed by local investment partners for long term sustainability and success. Our aim over the next decade is to establish a family of Ardingly College schools in a range of other countries. Income received from Ardingly College International schools and consultancy will be reinvested into Bursaries and other projects at Ardingly College UK.

Ardingly College Zhongshan

Ardingly College Zhongshan is the first Ardingly College International school. 70 minutes by ferry from Hong Kong, the school’s buildings have been designed and equipped to an exceptionally high standard. Ardingly College Zhongshan educates students from 3-18 years of age, with a curriculum that is a bilingual blend of Chinese, UK and IB content and pedagogy. We are collaborating and advising on all aspects of education at the school and look forward to helping the school develop further over the years ahead.  To learn more about Ardingly College Zhongshan please click here.

Service Trips

We have a long history of service trips to countries such as Gambia, India, Nepal and Kenya.

Ardingly College has had a long-standing relationship with the Langalanga trust in Kenya, founded by Old Ardinian Harry Vialou-Clark MBE in 1999. In particular we have run yearly trips to help build Ndogo Primary school and to help teach pupils, and we also raised significant funds to build a secondary school.