School Uniform

At Ardingly College, we have high expectations for the standard of dress of all students. We believe in maintaining a College Uniform and we encourage students to take pride in their appearance. We have recently launched a new school uniform throughout all three schools which will be phased in over the next two years

In designing the uniform we recognise that uniforms are never going to be the height of fashion, so in consultation with the students, we hope that the new design will be acceptable to the most discerning teenager.

School uniform needs to be hard-wearing, comfortable and practical, especially for the younger students to enable them to get changed for activities with independence, speed and ease.

Cost is, of course, important to parents. We have reduced the number of items on the school uniform list and have moved from different uniforms for the Pre-prep, Prep and Senior schools to one design that evolves as they move up the school whilst distinguishing between the different schools.

Finally, we have sought out a uniform of a quality that will last and represent good value for money.

The new Ardingly College Uniform is supplied by Sussex Uniforms of Haywards Heath. The business is a family-owned local business who have over 20 years of experience of supplying school uniform in this area. You can purchase a uniform online, by phone 01444 227066 or in person at their shop in Haywards Heath. Sales will be launched on the 13th July, initially online only until restrictions are lifted.


An onsite retail outlet will run regularly throughout the year where you can try items on and receive help with online ordering or collect orders.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the new uniform?

Sussex Uniforms, Units 1&2 Bridge Road Business park, Bridge Road, Haywards Heath 01444 227066

Please also note that the physical shop is currently shut and awaiting a time until they can safely re-open.  All parents are therefore encouraged to buy online with help on the website such as their ‘how to measure’ video, downloadable tape measure and sizing information on products, plus their new Live Chat function and Sussex uniforms phone lines open Mon to Fri.

When can I buy the new uniform?

Core Uniform sales will be launched on the 13th July, initially online only until restrictions are lifted. This date has been pushed back slightly (from 6th July) due to supply chain issues given the pandemic. It is hoped that all stock, except for the sports kit, will be available from this time but this is in the hands of a wider supply network so not all items may be available at first but as soon as stock arrives it will be made available to purchase.

There is guidance to help with fitting on the website and please note all returns are free.

 Can I arrange a fitting or help with fitting?

Yes, this can be arranged directly via Sussex Uniforms but not until the launch date of 13th July – please note under current government restrictions, changing rooms and fittings room are not permitted to open.  Until restrictions are fully lifted, it would be best for parents to call/email/Live Chat with Sussex Uniforms with any fitting questions and use the information on their website to order online. When restrictions are relaxed regarding use of changing rooms, parents can check for updates via the Sussex Uniforms website and via the College, with any fitting service we are able to run this summer.

Will new students requiring the new uniform be given priority?

It is hoped that throughout July, all students requiring the new uniform will be fitted out. We would ask current parents (who already have some uniform) to wait until 1st August before purchasing any of the new uniform.

What exactly do I need?

All new families will have had a Starter pack – the lists documented in those packs. For current families, a similar list can be seen via the brochure… also found on the Sussex Uniform website using the ‘Uniform list’ tab.

Is there a provision to buy the new, blue uniform on-site at the College?

The College will be operating a fitting service and will assist with online ordering. We will aim for this service to be available from September.

What if I buy new uniform now but my child grows before their return to school?

All uniform purchased from Sussex Uniforms can be returned as long as the garments are un-worn, not name labelled and the tags are still attached… perhaps keep those tags on until your child is just about to go to school!

Do Sussex Uniforms supply name labels?

Yes- these can be ordered and purchased from Sussex Uniforms. All labels will have name and House (Senior School) on them or ‘no House’ for younger years. They are self-adhesive so very simple to apply. A name label should be fitted to ALL items taken into school onto the manufacturing tag on the inside of each item of uniform/clothing. Please remember for boarders all non-uniform clothing also needs to be labelled.

Once ordered online, can the uniform be delivered direct to the College?

Yes – for Senior School full boarders only. Beyond this category, we believe a home-delivery to be more suitable so that fittings can take place in a more timely manner.

Will Sussex Uniforms fit the labels for me?

They are self-adhesive and easy to apply with no sewing required so name labelling is not offered. For boarding pupils, house staff will be able to assist in this area.

Will I need to supply additional name labels?

Yes, these should be supplied to Ardingly College via the House Matron/Supervisor.

Do Sussex Uniforms make alterations?

No, any tailored alterations will need to be done by private arrangement.

Is anything happening with the Sports kit?

A review of Sports kit is on-going. The Senior School kit is unlikely to change though Pre-Prep and Prep will come in line with the College branding (navy and gold colours) over time. We will allow the new uniform to embed and are not planning to make changes to the sports kit until the next academic year.

Which year groups are required to buy the new uniform?

All new students to the College, at any entry-level, will need to purchase the new, blue uniform. All Reception, Year 3 and Shell students will move straight to the new uniform (see brochure link above). Current students in other Year groups have a two-year transition period.

Will students be wearing blazers and/or ties in September, I hear that many schools are not doing this?

Current government guidelines encourage Schools “to return to their usual uniform policies in the Autumn term”. We will, therefore, proceed as normal.

“Uniform can play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone. Uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more often than usual, nor do they need to be cleaned using methods which are different from normal.”

Can my child still wear their old uniform?

Yes, there is a two-year phase-in period for the new uniform which allows students in the current uniform the option of not having to change unless necessary. All new students, at any entry-level, will wear the new blue uniform and those joining ‘key’ Year groups (Reception, Year 3 or Shell 2020) will move to the new uniform immediately.

Can I still buy the old uniform?

Yes – A small range of second-hand items is available at the Ardingly College uniform shop, similar to the old uniform. If you wish to view the second-hand stock you will need an appointment: Opening times 9 am – 1 pm from the 17th August. Please email to make an appointment.

In 2021 Sussex Uniforms will launch a second-hand marketplace for the new uniform which will enable parents to facilitate second-hand new uniform sales/exchanges.

Can my child wear a mixture of ‘old’ items of uniform with some new uniform?

Sadly not. If you wish to do a ‘top-up’ of older uniform items, this will be possible (as above). Once a new blazer has been bought, moving over to all other new accompanying pieces of uniform would then be expected. The only acceptable uniform will be a child wearing all of the old or all of the new. Beyond that, there are too many variables and combinations to make any sort of uniform standardised.

Can I still buy second-hand old uniform?

Second-hand uniform sales will no longer be available via the College; you are however more than welcome to exchange or sell items privately within the College Community. In 2021 Sussex Uniforms will launch a second-hand marketplace for the new uniform which will enable parents to facilitate second-hand uniform sales/exchanges.

  What will happen to the unsold old uniform?

This is yet to be confirmed. It is hoped it will be donated to one of the college’s charitable ventures and used as it is. One thing for certain, it will not be going to landfill.


For further enquiries about the new uniform or sports kit, please contact Sussex Uniforms or contact Mike Sinfield (Domestic Bursar) at the College