Years 7, 8 & 9

Our curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 is devised with the demands of the new reformed GCSEs in mind. The curriculum is focused on embedding the skills and knowledge required to support students through the study of GCSE. The curriculum taught in each subject is devised to lay strong foundations for onward GCSE study. Although the three years stand as a cohesive curriculum, the programmes are devised to work effectively for students who join at 11+ or 13+. Students benefit from following courses devised by teachers with experience of the demands of GCSE and delivered by subject specialists. The curriculum retains breadth encompassing science and technology, the arts, language and the humanities, and enables students to explore subjects that may not have been available at their previous schools, or to experience how subjects would be delivered in a more senior school focused setting. In addition to the subjects, students are also able to develop a range of skills such as Information Technology and research skills in addition to the awareness that they develop through the PSHE programme. 

The Year 7-9 curriculum is a vibrant, exciting and effective programme designed to challenge and inspire students, who without the constraints of Common Entrance are able to develop both a love of learning and the skills required to excel at GCSE.

The broad and balanced curriculum delivered during Years 7-9 empowers students to make informed and effective decisions regarding their GCSE pathways as they progress through the Senior School.