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Results summary

This year our GCSE, A Level and IB students once again raised the bar to achieve the College’s best ever set of results and continue our strong academic progress in recent years. The outstanding feature of this year was the jump in the proportion of Ardingly students achieving the top grades, with A*-As or equivalent rising in all three major qualifications:

  • GCSE students achieved 75% A*-A (up from 66% in 2017)
  • A Level and IB students achieved 63% A*-A or equivalent (up from 59% in 2017)
  • IB Diploma students achieved an average of 38.6 points (up from 36.8 in 2017)
  • The Pre-U qualification was taken in Philosophy only, with 100% A*-B grades.

Among the Upper Sixth leavers, over half gained at least one A* and a remarkable one third achieved a full sweep of A* or As. Meanwhile, among the GCSE cohort, 500 of the new grades 9-7 were achieved (equivalent to A*-A) and 135 of the new top grade 9 (equivalent to a high A*).

In the IB Diploma the cohort achieved an average grade of 38.6 points against a world wide average of 30. At the top end, 18 students achieved 40+ points (equivalent to A*A*A at A Level). Another 18 students achieved all A*s and As at A Level or Distinctions in the Pre-U qualification.

University admission

Most importantly, every university applicant was offered a place, with 98% going to their first or second choice university and 82% of the leaving cohort gained places at competitive Russell Group universities. Exeter, Durham, UCL, King’s London, Oxford, Warwick, Bath and Nottingham were among the most popular destinations.

Girls excel in coeducation

For many parents, co-education versus single sex remains a hot topic, particularly in relation to the academic attainment of girls. The success of our girls in recent years is a strong endorsement of co-education in relation to results as well as their wider development. Among the girls in the Upper Sixth, 75% of exam entries achieved A*-A (or the IB equivalent of 7-6) and 90% gained A*-B. To put this in context, if the girls in the Ardingly cohort were entered independently they would have scored among the top 25 of all schools in the country, ahead of many selective and prestigious single sex girls’ schools.

Academic Results Summary 2018

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