MedSoc – Medical Society Programme

At Ardingly College we run a dedicated programme for students considering a profession in medicine. We also run a similar provision for prospective dentists and vets.

Please note this is for illustrative purposes and subject to change.


September – March

  • Introduction to the medical profession, NHS, NICE and Public Health England, General Medical Council, Medical School Council
  • History of Medicine
  • Cadaver prosection at Eastbourne Hospital
  • Talks and lectures at UCL and visiting guests
  • Museum visits (Welcome Trust Medicine exhibition at the Science Museum and Hunterian)
  • Visit to the Oxford Oncology Open day
  • Book reviews and a lot of presentations and work based on articles and key topics that have come up in interviews in the past, including Problem Based learning, the Multidisciplinary Team and Medical Ethics.
  • Sessions helping students understand the different medical degree courses available and the choice of universities and help identify which would be best for them given their ambition and potential.
  • Head of Careers will meet with them individually to discuss work experience and voluntary work opportunities.

April – June

UCAT preparation (and BMAT preparation for those who select the more selective BMAT medical schools)

Personal statement drafts

Year 13


  • Finalise choice of medical schools on the basis of their predicted grades.
  • Finalise reference and personal statement


  • MMI mock interviews (at least 2)
  • Panel Mock interviews (at least 2)
  • Interview preparation with many webinars.

By the end of the two academic year cycle our prospective medics should:

  • Be fully aware of the entry requirements (and consequently work toward their A/A*).
  • Receive support with the completion of work experience/ voluntary work.
  • Be ready for the aptitude tests (UCAT and BMAT).
  • Be given the opportunity to explore the career they have chosen to follow (lectures, webinars, books) and develop a passion for it (vocation).
  • Have plenty of evidence (reading, talks, voluntary work, work experience) to compile a strong personal statement and references.
  • Select the appropriate medical school based on their predicted grades, UCAT and/or BMAT scores.
  • Attend several Mock interviews.
  • Be ready for their interviews.