International Academic Pathway

Many students around the world would like to study in the UK and in English, but some find it a struggle because their ability in English language is not yet good enough to enable them to enjoy learning in a UK setting. The International Academic Pathway (IAP) is a one-year transition programme specifically designed for Year 8 students from outside the UK, aged 12 or 13 at entry, who are academically able but whose level of English is below the level needed for entry to the mainstream Year 8 curriculum at Ardingly College. Approximately 12 students will join the IAP each year.

A typical IAP student

  • starts the course with an English level around CEFR high A2 or B1
  • is highly motivated to learn, and shows resilience and commitment to the pathway
  • would enjoy cultural integration through the boarding house environment
  • is keen to learn about the UK through trips and educational visits
  • would benefit from a more language intensive learning experience
  • would enjoy a highly supportive and carefully staged integration into an Ardingly College education

Successful completion of the IAP will automatically lead to Ardingly College entry at Year 9,and if successful IGCSE results are attained at Year 11, the opportunity to progress to IB or A Level in Years 12
and 13 (Sixth Form).

Read more in our International Academic Pathway brochure.