GCSEs (Year 10 and 11)

Students at Ardingly follow a range of IGCSE and GCSE courses which are carefully selected to provide a rigorous academic foundation from which to move on to success at IB, A Level or BTEC.

For their core GCSEs, all students will study English Language, Mathematics and Science.

Students then engage with further options from a full range of subjects – all of which can be found in our GCSE Options Booklet. Whilst we encourage students to aim for breadth of study within their option subjects, students should opt for a combination of subjects which play best to their academic strengths in order to maximise their chances of a successful and enjoyable two years of study. (All courses will run subject to demand.)

By the end of their IGCSE courses each student will have a firm understanding of their subjects, allowing them to be well prepared for the demands of the A Level, IB or BTEC courses.

Students also follow a programme of PSHE in which personal, social, health and economic educational topics are addressed both in class and through a variety of workshops delivered by external speakers. Through this we aim to equip students with the information and skills they will need to make mature, well-informed decisions for themselves both now and in the future.