Academic Enrichment and Extension

Ardinians are encouraged to develop a genuine sense of intellectual enquiry not only through our curriculum but also in the wide range of academic activities that extend beyond the classroom. These allow every student to have the opportunity to explore different aspects of their subjects and new disciplines, deepening their knowledge, broadening their intellectual horizons and ultimately excelling in something they are passionate about.


“Extension activities incorporating maths, science and engineering underpin their excellent achievement.”

ISI Report 2018.


Academic Societies

Our Enrichment Programme enables students to participate in and even lead a wide range of exciting and engaging academic societies. These societies include:

Solar Car Club, Chess Society, Shakespeare Society, Greek Club, Create your own Podcast, Creative Writing Society, Cryptography, Economics Society, Dystopian Book Club, Film Studies, Model United Nations, Debating, Learn to Excel,  IT Essentials Training, Geography Soc, Introduction to Financial Awareness, 3D Sketching for Designers, Challenge Coding, Law Society, Maths Enrichment, Naturewatch, Graphic Novel Drawing, Getting to know Opera, Maxima Computer Algebra System, Mandarin Club, Med Soc, Chemistry Soc, Poetry Writing, Physics Soc, Readaxation, Sophos (Philosophy Society), Stocks and Shares Investment Program, Current Affairs Society, Student Newspaper, Talking about Documentaries, Young Reporter’s Scheme, Biochemistry Society, Brain Society.


academic Lecture series and academic competition

Every year, Ardinians are invited to attend our academic lecture series, where teachers from a variety of subject departments deliver talks on a particular theme, exploring it from a range of perspectives and inviting students to think critically and creatively about it. This is accompanied by an academic competition based around the same theme: students choose from a range of possible tasks, from writing essays and short stories to creating presentations and infographics, enabling them to research the theme further independently, embracing their curiosity and developing their knowledge of the subject matter.



There are numerous other ways in which we extend our students beyond the core curriculum, including:

  • A full programme of educational trips and visits
  • Opportunities for students to flourish independently and develop their research skills through the Independent Project in Shell (undertaken by all students), the Higher Project Qualification Remove and Fifth, and the Extended Project Qualification in the Sixth Form
  • An electives programme for the Lower Sixth A Level students, with a choice of new subjects to experience, including anthropology, history of art, criminology and the chance to complete a CISI course on the Fundamentals of Financial Services
  • Extensive support offered to our students as they prepare for university, including the Oxbridge programme and support for applications to other leading universities globally. There are STEP classes and ACT classes for students applying to American universities
  • Entrance in national competitions such as Biology Olympiad, Mathematics Challenge, and Chemistry ‘Top of the Bench’, and students are also encouraged to enter research essay competitions. Ardingly also runs the Harris and Argent Science Communication Competition, where Lower Sixth students research an area of STEM of their choosing and present their work in the form of an academic poster and presentation, with the chance to win a place at the London International Youth Science Forum at Imperial College, London