World Ready

World Ready

The journey to becoming World Ready starts with our youngest pupils as they shape and discover their world. When they join the Senior School in Year 7, through a extensive enrichment programme, concluding with a Life Skills week at the end of the Summer Term, they develop World Ready attributes.

Developing World Ready Attributes


Education - Climate Change Debate

Action - Solar Car Project

College Wide Recycling

University Preparation

Academic Extension - eg Medsocs

Oxbridge Preparation

Workshops eg: 'Budgeting for university'

Employability and commercial Acumen

Work Experience Opportunities

Business Projects eg;'Take a Risk'

Interview and Presentation Practise

Industry related skills - eg Solar Car

One Day Job Challenge

Community Support

Fundraising Initiatives

Involvement in community projects

Social Skills and Building Confidence

Life Skills Week

Debating competitions

Lamda lessons

Leadership roles

Social Engagement and Behaviour Expectation

Personal and Intellectual Development

Roles of Responsibility

Gifted and Talented and Academic Extension

Personal Wellbeing and Development

Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

Practical Life Skills

Life Skills Week

First Aid



Car Maintenance


Connect with the World

Service Trips

School-wide environmental initiatives

Societies eg: Feminist and LGBT

'Big Prep School Clean Up'

International Womans Day event

Climate Change Debate

Partner Schools across the World

A school in itself is not a destination. It is a bridge that transports students to adult life, future aspirations and pathways; to be global citizens and find their purpose, passion and place in an ever-changing, interconnected world. Whilst crossing that bridge if they are equipped with aptitudes, knowledge, values and qualities they will be better prepared and more likely to thrive in their future and whatever an every evolving world brings.

At Ardingly College, we believe it is our responsibility to go beyond providing academic education and achievement. We enable each individual to develop a whole sphere of skills and characteristics so that when they leave us they are prepared for whatever awaits them in their adult lives.


That is what we call World Ready TM.

Tangible World Ready Skills

Be build into our curriculum, programmes and projects that equip students with tangible skills. For example, our Life Skills week, dedicated to providing all age students with practical skills and knowledge. We help students discover their aptitudes and passions and provide opportunities for them to them develop them and flourish. The Solar Car Project is just one example, it provides budding engineers with real-world experience and skills.

Intangible World Ready Qualities

Personal qualities are subtle and may not even be taught. Students engage with the world around them and it is through the interaction they have with culture and community that they develop characteristics such as empathy, willpower, resilience and multiple other softer skills that are just as important to being World ReadyTM.

Discovering our World and the World Ready Journey

Children as young as two start on our World Ready journey. We indulge their questioning minds in an environment full of intrigue and adventure where they start to discover their world, and develop a love of learning. With an understanding of their world, they build respect for the planet and everything in it. They discover that they are happiest when they are rewarded for being a clever thinker, they feel fulfilled if they overcome something by being brave and they are liked by others when they are kind.

Shaping our World and the World Ready Journey

As children mature they learn to take responsibility for their decisions, reflect on their actions and build resilience. Passions are discovered and talents realised whilst knowledge and skills are developed. Learning comes to life as they relate and apply their learning to real life situations. As children move further up the school, we prepare them for the challenges they may face as they find their way in the world. In preparation for transition to Senior School, they have opportunities to experience Senior School life and a taste of the Life Skills programme.

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