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“What are the days for? 


They are to be happy in.” 

So wrote Philip Larkin. To be happy at school, of course, requires many things.  It requires children to feel that they are valued and that they belong; it requires the support of friends and the guidance of excellent teachers; and it requires the opportunity to find the best in yourself and succeed in what you do well.  This is our mission.

What connects happiness and success is confidence.  One of the joys of teaching is to see children growing in confidence – and their confidence being confirmed in their friendships, their grades and their performances.  Our children’s successes – from rising grades to sporting victories – are rooted in their confidence to achieve beyond their imagined boundaries. 

No child is good at everything, but every child is good at something.  At Ardingly, our purpose is to help you find what it is that makes you different and special, and enable you to flourish at school and beyond.  So that you may be happy in your days, comfortable in your skin and ready to take your place in the world.

Ben Figgis, MA (Cantab), MEd, PGCE

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