Nursery Life

Ardingly College’s ‘Pigsty’ Nursery, ensconced within the Farmhouse, carries a unique heritage, having been thoughtfully transformed from original farm buildings. As an integral part of the Prep School, the Nursery enjoys both its standalone facilities and shared Prep School resources. Being nestled within the College campus offers Nursery pupils the luxury of vast campus amenities, including regular indoor swimming lessons and on-site catering.

Safety, generous space, and an inspirational atmosphere define our Nursery as a cherished place for children to spend their time, whether for a morning, afternoon, or the entire day. Our enclosed all-weather outdoor play area, coupled with plentiful grounds, beckons children into the fresh air for play and experiential learning.

From cosy classrooms to the welcoming Nursery garden, from Cyril’s Wood, our stimulating Forest School, to the invigorating swimming pool and the extensive College grounds, we provide endless opportunities for children to learn by interacting with their environment.

The knowledge that your child has these wonderful facilities to relish, under the caring and enthusiastic supervision of our experienced and qualified staff, makes parting with them a little bit easier.