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Shaping my World

Shaping my World

At Ardingly College Prep, we deliver an exceptional education for boys and girls, welcoming them into our institution from as young as two years old in our nurturing Nursery. We guide them through their initial steps in learning during the pre-prep years 1 and 2 and continue to support their educational journey until they complete year 6. We are committed to fostering a vibrant, welcoming environment that inspires our pupils to seize every opportunity for learning, personal growth, and crafting their own futures.

In close collaboration with our Senior School, we have devised age-appropriate adaptations of ‘World Ready’, uniquely titled ‘Shaping My World’. This initiative is anchored on four key traits we believe are vital in moulding our pupils’ journey at our Prep School and beyond, as they stride confidently into independence and readiness for the challenges beyond Year 6.

Our programme is designed around encouraging our pupils to embody and exhibit the four core attributes – being AdventuroUS, CurioUS, GeneroUS and IngenioUS. We proudly refer to these as the four ‘US’s’, fostering a collective spirit where everyone is united in this journey, hence ‘us’. The initiative is seamlessly integrated into the regular curriculum, helping our pupils cultivate characteristics and skills that will enrich their lives and remain with them forever.

Be AdventuroUS

When a child dares to explore, take risks, or embrace novelty, buoyed by our unwavering encouragement and support, they build not just resilience, but an invincible confidence. What once seemed unreachable becomes within grasp, nurturing a continuous adventurouUS spirit.

“The positive and encouraging environment allows shy and reticent children to build confidence.”

ISI Report 2018

Be CurioUS

We believe curiosity is the spark that fuels learning, and we strive to kindle inquisitiveness in every child. Whether inside the classroom or beyond, when unravelling the past, exploring the present or envisioning the future, we aim to stimulate engagement while enriching understanding through thoughtful reflection and questioning.

“Pupils are enthusiastic and motivated in lessons and they apply themselves well. Their skills in collaborative learning are a considerable strength.”

ISI Report 2018

Be GeneroUS

We encourage our students to reflect on their interactions, fostering an understanding that kindness is indeed a powerful trait – a universal language that spreads happiness. As they recognise the impact of their actions, they comprehend that generosity goes beyond the material – it’s about giving more than what’s expected in kindness, understanding, and empathy.

“Pupils throughout the school have a strong awareness of the needs of others.”

ISI Report 2018

Be IngenioUS

Originality and creativity are the marks of the ingenious, and we strive to nurture these qualities in every child. We ensure they feel secure and confident in their ideas and their potential to think beyond the ordinary.

“They are eager to seek out the world of new experiences.”

ISI Report 2018

Extensive Facilities

The Farmhouse: A nurturing retreat for our youngest pupils, from Nursery through Year 2.

The Farmhouse: This beautifully restored farmhouse, home to our unique ‘Pigsty’ nursery and a vibrant rainforest library, provides our youngest learners with light-filled classrooms for exploration and discovery. Tucked away at the foot of the campus, next to Cyril’s Wood forest school, it offers the perfect setting for sparking young minds.

The School House: For students from Year 3 to Year 6, located in the ‘H’ block of the College.

With lively, bright classrooms, it’s own science lab, art studio, and library. Plus shared amenities with the Senior School, such as The ‘Under’ theatre space, The Chapel, and Music School.

The Ardingly College Estate: brimming with amenities like an indoor pool, top-notch sports facilities, on-site catering, and expanses of woodlands for exploration, it ensures a world of engaging opportunities for every student.


The littlies – Nursery to Year 2 – are housed within a truly delightful farmyard of sympathetically-converted buildings, known as the Farmhouse and including an actual former pigsty, barn and cowshed. With plenty of outdoor space, including small sports pitches and forest school, and lovely airy buildings it’s a magical self contained space devoted to childhood, although qualified teachers work here alongside early years professionals to give the children a head start.

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