School Structure

Years 3-6

These are the foundation years of the Prep School where a pupil develops their identity, their strengths, weaknesses and passions. Children start off needing a close helping hand and reassurance, but with time they gain confidence and belief in themselves, taking responsibility for their actions.

Years 7 & 8

As the older pupils in the Prep School, these pupils are fairly independent and take responsibility for their personal and academic development. The teachers turn to them as role models for the younger pupils and, in turn, they rise to the challenge and take up roles of responsibility within the school. It is a pleasure to see the different year groups interact with respect, compassion and friendship.

Pupils start to integrate with Senior School students through masterclasses, trips, music and sport. Sports captains, prefects and music scholars from the Senior School  become known to our pupils so they can aspire to be like them in a few years’ time. In languages, our Sixth Form French and Spanish linguists spend time as part of their voluntary service helping Prep pupils with speaking.