School Structure

Ardingly College consists of Ardingly Prep School and Ardingly Senior School but we are very much one school and adopt a whole school approach. All year groups share the same values with an aim of preparing pupils to be World Ready.

The advantages of a whole school approach:

  • Collaborative and Consistent approach to teaching with continuality of curriculum.
  • Shared resources. All year groups have access to all the teaching and sports facilities on the campus, the on-site catering and expertise of subject specialist teachers.
  • Familiarity of staff and environment enabling seamless transition from one year group to another.

The management of the school is divided into two area, Prep School and Senior School. The leadership teams of both meet regularly to ensure the whole school approach is maintained in all areas of school life both operationally and educationally.

For the sake of clarity this is how the year groups fall.

Senior School

Year 13 / Upper Sixth / Sixth Form

Year 12 / Lower Sixth / Sixth Form

Year 11  / Fifth

Year 10 / Remove

Year 9 / Shell

Year 8 / Lower School

Year 7 / Lower School

Prep School

Year 6 / KS2

Year 5 / KS2

Year 4 / KS2

Year 3 / KS2

Year 2 / KS1

Year 1/ KS1

Reception / Early Years

Nursery / Early Years