Charity and Chapel


As a school founded to teach the Christian Faith, the Chapel and all it symbolises are at the heart of the life of the College.

Regardless of faith, all Prep School pupils attend Chapel every Friday at 4.00 pm. Any member of the College community (pupils, staff, parents, and friends) is welcome at any service.

Charity Focus

At Ardingly College, we firmly believe that giving is better than receiving. We aim to instil in our children an awareness of others and their needs. By reflecting on our own lives and appreciating all that we have, children will hopefully be able to recognise that not everyone in the world is as blessed. Academic lessons such as Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) and Religious Studies can help with this development, but nothing is as valuable as making that sacrifice. Pupils are encouraged to help raise money for a variety of charities, and they are also taught about the work of the charities they are raising money for. The chosen charities visit the pupils to give presentations or assemblies on the work that they do, and some of the pupils can assist the charities at their workplace.

An example of the fundraising activities at Ardingly Prep School:

  • Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal
  • Charity Fair
  • Support for the local food bank.

Pupils are also encouraged and recognised for their fundraising efforts outside school.

Every 2 years, the School focuses on one charity. Our children learn about how their money raised can help other children and have raised money by participating in events such as the annual Reindeer Run, second-hand school uniform sales, clothes bag donations, £5 challenge. During lockdown, pupils collectively walked the entire coastline of the British Isle!