Charity and Chapel


At Ardingly College, the Chapel, symbolising our founding principles of teaching the Christian Faith, holds a central place in our school life.

Regardless of their faith, Years 3 – 6 attend Chapel every week. All members of the College community, including pupils, staff, parents, and friends, are welcome at our services.

Charity and Community Service

At Ardingly, we subscribe to the belief that it is better to give than to receive. We strive to instil in our pupils an awareness of the needs of others. Through reflection on their own lives and gratitude for their blessings, we hope that children will acknowledge that not everyone is as fortunate. Academic subjects such as Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) and Religious Studies support this development.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in fundraising for a variety of charities. We also educate them about the charities they are supporting through presentations and assemblies given by representatives of these organisations. Some pupils even have the opportunity to assist these charities at their workplaces. We also recognise and commend pupils who engage in fundraising initiatives outside of school.

Examples of fundraising activities at Ardingly Prep School include:

  • Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal
  • Charity Fair
  • Support for the local food bank