Progression to the Senior School

Our College is a community working together, with support and guidance, enabling confident young people to make a smooth transition from Prep School to Senior School. 

“Great schools are not just providers of education. They are places of discovery.” 

Ben Figgis, Head of College 


Our Prep School is the best preparation for this next stage. Our teachers work closely with Ardingly College staff, exchanging academic and subject experience and knowledge of pupils. The transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is not daunting for pupils moving up as they have long shared facilities with the Senior School, and we work as one College. The pupils and parents also have opportunities to get to know some of our Senior staff at many of our events we host on campus. 

For new pupils and those moving up to the Senior School from Prep, there is an integration programme which introduces pupils to each other, their Years 7 and 8 Houses and Senior School teachers in the summer prior to starting.  

“My daughter has the loveliest group of friends imaginable, and they are all so happy together! Many years ago, another mother told me that, of all the different schools her four children went to, the nicest friends came from Ardingly. She was right!” 



The majority of pupils transition through the Prep School subject to achieving satisfactory academic progress and high standard of behaviour.

Pupils also transition from the Prep School to the Senior School. Formal assessments for entry into Senior school are held in Year 6 with formal offers made in that year.