Settling into the Prep School

Joining from the Ardingy Pre-Prep

  • Familiarisation. During their time in the Pre-Prep, pupils have the opportunity to visit the Prep School. They love walking up the hill on an adventure to the ‘big school’. At the end of the term, they join the Prep School pupils and parents in the final Celebration Assembly and always enjoy sharing a song that they have learned during the term.
  • Moving Up Afternoon. During the Trinity term, before they join the Prep School, they are invited up to Prep for a ‘moving up’ afternoon.

For all boys and girls

Children new to Ardingly College would have experienced a Taster Day as part of their admissions process.

  • New Parents’ and Pupils’ Tea. The opportunity for everyone new to Ardingly Prep School to spend some time getting to know other new parents, pupils and all the Prep School teaching staff.
  • Holiday Club. Boys and girls are also able to join the Holiday Club during the summer, which is an excellent way for them to familiarise themselves with the Prep School, meet some of the teachers and get to know some older children.
  • Team Building. Once they join the College in the Michaelmas term, there is a full programme of induction and team building to ensure boys and girls settle in as quickly as possible.