Support for Learning

Every child has a unique profile of learning strengths and weaknesses. We offer a tiered approach in supporting additional learning needs using the resources and facilities available at the College.

Children may also be identified as needing additional support through our ongoing assessment, review, and screening processes.

The tiered levels of support based on assessment outcomes include:  adaptive and responsive teaching methods within the classroom, support within our younger classes from teaching assistants and specialist teachers, booster groups led by either teaching assistants or specialist teachers. Chargeable tuition from specialist teachers and external providers may also be available. Charges apply to some levels of additional support.

At Ardingly College, any parent or member of staff can come to us with concerns about a child’s learning or wellbeing. An Intervention programme, based on an assessed need, can be devised for each child to develop their strategies and mitigate their learning/ wellbeing challenges. Additionally, a Provision Plan is formulated which is shared with all staff.

Small group lessons and individual tuition can take place in our dedicated suite of rooms. When required, an occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, or educational psychologist are also there to assist.

Please refer to our Fees Document for learning support charges.