KS1 Learning (Yr1 & 2)

By the end of the Pre-Prep school in Year 2, a third of pupils have a reading age equivalent to Year 6 pupils and the majority are performing above, or well above average in mathematics.”

ISI Report 2018

At Key Stage 1, our curriculum exceeds National Curriculum requirements. We teach literacy through a fun, phonics-based approach, emphasizing problem-solving in mathematics, and scientific skills development.

Our Creative Curriculum is unique, inspired by the children’s interests each term. We craft an exciting, stimulating learning journey in three stages: The Stunning Starter, The Marvellous Middle, and The Fabulous Finish.

“Pupils are excellent at making decisions that influence their daily life and future. The youngest pupils in the Pre-Prep direct much of their own learning in their creative curriculum. They decide what direction their learning and play will take by following their imagination and curiosity.”

ISI Report 2018

  • English: Reading is central to our curriculum. We provide high-quality literature and guidance from our dedicated librarian.
  • Sciences: We nurture children’s curiosity, teaching them how to observe, question, and find answers.
  • Mathematics: Our goal is to establish a solid foundation of understanding, encouraging children to explore and solve problems.
  • Languages: We introduce different languages through songs and rhymes, building vocabulary and fostering enjoyment.
  • PE and Swimming: Physical activity happens daily. We offer diverse options to suit every child and provide swimming lessons in our pool from Nursery to Year 2.
  • Arts: Weekly music, art, and drama lessons are conducted by subject specialists. One-to-one music lessons in a variety of instruments are also available.
  • Computing: Technology is integrated into every aspect of our curriculum.
  • Humanities: We introduce concepts of time and place through historical and geographical topic work.
  • RE: We use Christianity as a basis for teaching respect for others, and also teach about different world faiths.
  • Forest School: Each child experiences a Forest School programme, fostering love for the natural environment and promoting self-esteem, confidence, and social skills.
  • PSHE: We teach children the necessary skills to live and work in a community, focusing on kindness, respect, and health issues.