Library – Inspiring our Learning

Our Libraries – Fostering a Love for Learning

At Ardingly College, we strive to instill a lifelong love of reading and information competence in every child. To support this, the Prep School are fortunate to have two dedicated libraries, one in the Farmhouse and another in the School House. Each of these spaces has passionate librarians who inspire a love of literature and provide invaluable guidance. We believe that reading is key to academic achievement, and our libraries play a crucial role in our annual programme of events designed to promote reading. These events include author visits, book clubs, book fairs, reading games, quizzes, and competitions, all of which provide engaging and interactive learning experiences.

The Rainforest Library in the Farmhouse

This enchanting space is filled to the brim with books suitable for all ages and reading abilities. Young children can’t resist the allure of its rich collection of stories. They have opportunities to read with teachers regularly and can bring books home to share with parents.

The School House Library

Our Prep School Library is a vibrant, innovative space that is open and fully staffed throughout the school day. Pupils are actively encouraged to visit during breaks and lunchtimes, offering them opportunities to browse, read, and borrow books.

Each English class has a regular, scheduled library lesson either weekly or fortnightly. During this time, students can exchange books, enjoy quiet reading, and engage in activities designed to foster a love for literature and develop research skills.

Our library boasts a broad range of fiction and non-fiction materials catering to all ages and reading abilities. We also have a digital library, further enhancing our collection, and allowing students to access an expanding selection of academic and recreational eBooks and audiobooks anytime, anywhere.