Academic Enrichment and Extension

“Pupils engage enthusiastically in their learning and excel in a wide range of extra-curricular pursuits and enrichment opportunities.”

ISI Report 2018


NACE Membership

We are proud to be a member of the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE), a specialist organisation established in 1983. Recognised nationally and internationally, NACE focuses on enhancing the learning experience of able learners, providing guidance, support, and training to achieve the best outcomes in the everyday classroom. This network ensures all learners can flourish and excel.

Inspiring Trips

Throughout the year, academic enrichment trips augment school-taught topics. Regular visits to local museums and places of interest, as well as overseas trips, bring the ncurriculum to life. Past journeys have included Pompeii for Geography and Latin students, France for linguists, and Rome and Tuscany for choristers.

Nurturing the Able, Gifted, and Talented

Our mission is to help every student maximise their potential in every dimension. This includes nurturing ‘able and gifted’ learners who demonstrate strong intellectual and academic abilities, and ‘talented’ learners who shine in practical areas such as sports, music, and performing arts.

To stretch these students, we offer:

  • A comprehensive programme of educational trips and visits
  • Opportunities for leadership development and independent learning
  • Participation in national competitions like Mathematics Challenge and Vocab Express Global Challenge
  • Individual music lessons and opportunities to compete in events such as the Mid Sussex Music Festival and Woodard Musician of the Year
  • Public speaking competitions and the chance to undertake art projects and enter national art competition
  • A rich programme of co-curricular trips to art galleries, theatres, and museums
  • An Extended Sports Programme with specialist training
  • Connections with local, national, and international sports clubs and organisations.