The World Ready Journey

Our aim is that every Senior School student gains insight, empathy and skills to live fulfilling adult lives. We encourage them to be global citizens illustrating active engagement with global issues. They are equipped with entrepreneurship, self-reliance, initiative and collaboration. Our programme through the Senior School and Sixth Form prepares students to be World Ready in a number of ways.

Schools are places of discovery as well as education. We help students find their special aptitudes and talents and help them flourish. Students engage with the world around them with the practical application of knowledge from people from other communities and workplaces. Ardingly College students become young adults ready for life and the challenges of an inter-connected world.

Connect with the world

We are building a network of partner schools in Europe, Africa and Asia, so that our students can connect through learning together.

Relate to the world

The Ardingly College community is deliberately multinational: 70% are British and 30% come together from 25 different countries. By growing up together, our children learn to relate to the world.

Learn real world aptitudes

Students lead project teams across the curriculum, and practise skills of communication, planning and presentation. The Ardingly College Solar Car Project is just one example of many. Student leadership is not confined to sport, but is also seen in editorial teams, peer support teams, and student representation.

Know the future they want

Students experience the world of work through networking events and work placements.

Contribute to the world

Students give their time and efforts towards good causes and travel as far afield as Iceland and China, Kenya and India.

Compete in the world

In a few short years, students will be out in the wide world competing for jobs and promotion. Excellent grades will help, but so will taking an understanding of their place in the world.