NativityWith wonderfully colourful costumes and beautifully clear voices the Early Years children wooed the audience with their performance of We Three Kings.

Highlights included their rendition of “Three Kings went to sleep”, in which The Kings are so exhausted from their long journey, they need a very long rest.  The actors sang with gusto, culminating with a crescendo of a loud snore and a giant yawn:

Three Kings went to sleep, went to sleep, went to sleep
Three Kings went to sleep
Under the desert sky

Three Kings had a nap, had a nap, had a nap
Three Kings had a nap
Under the desert sky

Three Kings had a snooze, had a snooze, had a snooze
Three Kings had a snooze
Under the desert sky

Snore, snore, all they did was snore
Snore, snore, all they did was snore

Hilary Nawrocka, Headmistress of the Pre-Prep said:

“Christmas has now officially started with this performance!  What wonderful acting and story-telling by the children who have grown so much in confidence.”

The performance closed with an encore of “If you follow that star tonight” which was met with rapturous applause!  Afterwards, the children said:

Lily (Mary)

“That was the best Christmas play ever.”

Ayla (Sheep)

“I’m not just proud of myself, I’m proud of everybody!” 

Evangeline (Wise Man)

“I loved the hats the Wise Men wore.”

Tom (Wise Man)

“It was really fun learning it and doing it.  The best bit was when we gave our presents to Jesus.”

Willow (Angel Gabriel)

“I loved it that the Mummies and Daddies were here to watch us.”

Marcus (Servant)

“It was super, duper, duper.”

Fleur and Eloise (Angels)

“We were the best ever… and the best singers ever.”

Herbert (Chicken)

“I liked that I had my own lines to say.”

Anokhi (Donkey)

“I really liked my part… being the donkey!”