Parent & Baby Swim

Swimming is one of the most amazing experiences you can share with your baby and is an activity that can be enjoyed by Dads and extended family members too. It is social and an opportunity to meet new people and leave the house.

Babies can be taken swimming from birth, they do not need to have completed their injections as vaccinations are not ‘live’ anymore.

You don’t need to be able to swim to enjoy time in the water with your baby. These classes can help build confidence and having a teacher present and other parents around for support can help the parent & therefore baby relax.

Our teachers are trained to understand the different needs of parents and babies and the lessons will include fun, simple, progressive activities with songs and toys.

As well as being a wonderful way of bonding with your baby there are many benefits to parent & baby swimming;

  • Gives baby focused one-to-one attention from the parent
  • Skin to skin contact for bonding which also releases endorphins
  • Improves appetite and sleep
  • Freedom of movement in the water that a baby otherwise wouldn’t get
  • Develops motor control, agility, coordination and balance
  • Develops fitness & strengthens muscles, ligaments, hearts and lungs
  • Develops social stimulation, accepting other adults and children
  • Stimulates awareness & alertness
  • Helps with learning to share & take turns
  • Fun & enjoyable and is a great introduction to regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle

Most importantly these classes are a pathway towards learning a life skill and developing a love of water that hopefully will last for life.

Health & Safety Update

In Parent & Baby/Toddler classes or if your child is not yet potty-trained/prone to little accidents we require the children to use the ‘Double Nappy’ System.

The double nappy system means a swim nappy (reusable or disposable) must be worn with a neoprene nappy over the top creating a double layer of protection and therefore reducing the risk of leakage. This system is designed to help avoid any accidents in the swimming pool and to therefore prevent class &/pool closures.

Please do not put your child in a normal nappy as they are only designed for soaking up a small amount of liquid and not for use in water.

The purpose of the neoprene nappy that goes over the swim nappy is to form a tight seal around the child’s thighs & tummy so that leaks are contained. Please make sure it fits (it may feel a little snug at first) if it is too big it will not do its job.

Swim nappies are only designed to hold solids, not urine so if your child is suffering from diarrhoea (or has been suffering from diarrhoea in the last 48 hours) you must not let your child swim for health and safety reasons.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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