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Swimming is one of if not the best all-around form of exercise so why isn’t everyone doing it?

The main reason is that many people only know how to swim one stroke at one pace. They don’t know how to use equipment or the variety of skills and drills you can do in a session to get a great workout.

The Karen Pickering SWIM Tech & Fit course at Ardingly College Swim School is a fun but challenging programme that will educate the swimmer about all the ways you can use swimming to tone up and get fit whilst also improving stroke technique and skills such as starts and turns.

The sessions aim to tone up the body, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase lung capacity and perfect strokes and skill technique. Over a term, the KPSTF programme will have an emphasis on improving a particular stroke or skill such as turns but general fitness will be a priority throughout the course.

KPSTF courses are suitable for people that can swim 400m or more and for those who exercise at least once a week. The non-impact nature of swimming makes this programme ideal to complement sessions in the gym and makes a great additional or alternative work out with a much lower risk of injury. It is also ideal for additional recovery or cardio work out for those who play other sports.

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