Theme Weeks

Our Theme Weeks is what makes our Camps unique, generating excitement and offer children engaging and immersive experiences. One of our most popular is World of Wizardry a fantastic adventure into the World of Magic. See below for more information about our theme week activities.

Our next Theme week:  Christmas Cracker | 19th – 22nd December 2022

World of Wizardry

Come and join your fellow Potter fans in the World of Wizardry* theme week. Suitable for children 5-10 yrs old over the Easter and Summer holidays.

(Pick-up times maybe later than 4.30pm when visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The making of Harry Potter. This will be communicated to parents.)

Prior to your child’s arrival, you have the option of our resident wizards sending your apprentice wizard a personalised invitation.

On arrival, with cloaks at the ready, the week commences with a sorting ceremony where the apprentice wizards will be sorted into their age groups and houses – parents are welcome to attend the sorting ceremony.

The children then fly off to enjoy a week full of fun and magical adventures with a multitude of experiences throughout! These include:

  • Wand Making
  • Spell Making
  • Falconry “Owl” Experience
  • Fantastic Beast Making
  • Herbology class
  • Trip to Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter
  • And much much more

The week finishes with a Yule ball and prize-giving ceremony where once again parents are welcome to attend and you might even get a Wizards tea!

*Disclaimer: The World of Wizardry is a fun-filled themed week that is not endorsed by, affiliated with, sanctioned or in any other way supported or associated with Warner Bros. Entertainment, J.K. Rowling or otherwise connected with Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR.

The Great Outdoors & Laser Tag Festival

Immerse yourself in The Great Outdoors and spend a week learning and experiencing nature at its best.

On arrival, with survival gear at the ready, the week commences with a journey into the forest to build our base, come rain or shine the emphasis of the week will be experiencing the great outdoors in all weathers as much as possible and is comfortable for the children. Once the base is set the children will enjoy a week full of fun and adventure with a multitude of outdoor experiences throughout! These include:

  • Den Building
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Foraging
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor survival
  • Understanding nature

In addition, the Great Outdoors includes a Lazer tag experience which will be held over four days and will include various adventures! these include:

  • Deep Forest Attack
    Endless, respawn, team game – Players will be split into teams with each team starting from their base, each team will score hit points for successful shots at the opposing team.
  • Domination
    Endless, respawn, team game. Players will be split into two teams and will start from their base, each team will be required to find the Domination stronghold and hold it for as long as they can – The team which holds the Domination stronghold for the longest will be deemed the winners.
  • Capture the flag
    Objective/Time-limited, respawn team game.  Players will be split into two teams and will start from their base, each team will be required to capture the opposing team’s flag which will be located in the vicinity of their base.
  • Heist
    Objective/Time-limited, respawn game and hit point limited game. Players will be split into two teams – One team will defend a stronghold and one team will attack – The objective of the attacking team is to find the safe code, find the safe and crack it to obtain the contents! The objective of the defending team is to stop the attacking team at all costs.
  • The Last Hero Lives
    limited/Time-limited, team game with an individual winner.  Players will be split into two teams, each player will have limited lives – Once neutralized it’s game over! The last person standing is the winner, is the best form of defense, attack?

The Great Outdoors experience is all about outside fun and games and adventurous activities – Your children will get messy, muddy and even wet – therefore appropriate clothing and footwear are essential and should include wet weather gear – for ease of transportation a rucksack would be ideal.

Outdoor lunches and refreshments are included.

The week finishes with an outdoor survival exercise where the children will put into practice all the skills they have learned – this will include point-to-point orienteering, building a shelter, preparing a campfire and foraging. The final session will be dedicated “to giving back to nature” where the children will “leave no trace” and return the forest back to nature.


A performing arts week that will encourage your child to unlock their creative talent!

Sally Ann Hayes and Lara Marshall-McBain, of Point4 and Let’s Dance are visiting Ardingly again, after the successful ‘Greatest Workshop’ in Summer 2019. Joining them is experienced, energetic music teacher Lizzie Helen from St Pauls and mindful guru Mary Spink.

The week will be full of dance, drama, singing, well-being, costume, makeup and musical movies! They will be using the brand new dance studio and the fantastic facilities at the college. Included in the price are all their snacks, refreshments, lunches and performance of the students work at the end of the week, which parents and friends are invited to watch.


The STEM Science Adventure Week is suitable for 10 – 12 yrs. old who will spend an immersive week learning and experiencing science at its very best and most ore inspiring.

3, 2, 1 Go!
On arrival at the newly refurbished STEM building, with safety goggles at the ready, the week commences with the construction of your very own solar race car so you can journey through the world of the STEM disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

From the tarmac of the Solar car racecourse, we blast off and head skyward to investigate, flight rockets and observe sunspots in the College Observatory. Then it’s back down to earth with a pop and the science of bubbles. Then it’s extermination time, well not really but you do get to build your own robot!

For all demonstrations, experiments and classes expert tuition will be provided by the award-winning Ardingly College science team who will bring science to life offering a range of subjects with an emphasis on the fun;

  • Solar race car building and racing
  • Flight
  • Rockets
  • Liquid nitrogen demonstrations
  • The Science of bubbles
  • Visit the College observatory
  • Electronics
  • Crystal making
  • Science in food
  • Robotics

Lunches and refreshments are included.

Throughout the Science adventure week, the young scientists will work on a number of projects which they will be able to keep – This includes their own customised lab coat and goggles, solar car, water rocket and robot all included in the price.

Christmas Cracker

Over the course of a 4-Day camp, children will get to enjoy a full range of festive activities such as our Sugar & Spice Games, Christmas Crafts, Festive Baking, Swimming, and much, much more.

If that’s not enough, the Christmas cheer continues as children will be preparing and creating their very own festive Christmas hamper!

*Please note this camp will be mainly focused on delivering arts & craft activities. 

Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat

We’re thrilled to launch our new Dance Camp at Ardingly Active.

This new offering benefits from fantastic facilities and features including:

  • The all-new Dance Studio
  • Street Dance
  • Creative Dance
  • Costume & Prop Design
  • An end-of-week Family Showcase

Plus, did we mention games, quizzes and a whole lot of fun!

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