UK Space Design

space design

A team of 12 Ardingly students were brought together from Fifth to UVI each chosen for their specific skill sets and ability to work as a team. They were joined with four other prestigious schools to form a company named ‘Vulture’.

They had 20 hours to work together to fulfil a proposal to build a settlement in space. The students worked tirelessly with many not sleeping throughout the night. It was a stressful, tiring and challenging event that was enormously rewarding in equal measure. Whilst ‘Vulture’ did not win the bid, Hugo Binelli-Thomas was awarded the Richard Edwards Award for “Outstanding Leadership”. This is an incredible accomplishment.

Following their attendance Hugo Binelli-Thomas and Abigail Horton heard that they had been chosen to represent the EU team at the International final in NASA. This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the students’ talent and hard work.