Uh-oh, a forest!

Uh-oh, a forest!

This week we are recapping all of our previous learning about the Bear Hunt story by making a sensory bottle. The children had four bottles to choose from: the swishy, swashy grass; the squelchy, squerchy mud; the cold deep river; and the swirling, whirling snowstorm (very apt considering the weather!). They had to select the right materials and use their pinching fingers to put glitter, water beads, stones or mud into the bottle. The pouring was the trickiest bit! The final touch was to add bear and the family from the story. The children really enjoyed shaking the bottle and watching everything swirl about.

Some of the children made their bottles with their parents or grandparents. Thank you to all those who joined us for our Stay and Play sessions this week, and for the lovely comments on Tapestry too.  We hope you found it useful and if you have any further feedback we would love to hear it – good or bad!

In the garden many children have been using the instruments to tell the story of Bear! They listen carefully to the sound each instrument makes and work together. With picture clues of the different settings and the wooden characters they are able to bring the story to life.

The mud mark making has also been popular. We didn’t get as far as mud bomb painting (a little too cold for that!) but the children used a range of household and decorating brushes to make marks.

Nursery have been learning about Bear’s relative position. The children talked about different places they could put Bear – inside the house, on the house, behind the house and beside the house. They decided not to put Bear under the house but chose a box instead. Nursery have also been exploring patterns with little bears. They “read” and predicted what might come next in each pattern, be it a colour or size pattern.

Pre-Nursery's adventure into the wood was very exciting. They wrapped up warm and despite the snow and cold they walked into the woods with their bear, Arthur. Mrs Ricketts told a story about a bear who liked honey which the children joined in to act it out. The children helped to make porridge by measuring out the oats and water, which they cooked over the fire. While the children waited for the porridge they played on the hammock and enjoyed the oats in the mud kitchen. They all sat around the fire circle to eat the warming porridge, yum.

Nursery went on a long brisk walk for their forest school adventure. They wanted to find the forest, but Miss Morley said it was a long way to walk. They wrapped up warm with hats, gloves coats, waterproofs and wellies and headed off for the Bluebell Woods. From there they crossed the main road (putting into practice their recent road safety forest school with Mrs Ricketts) and went to visit the “big children’s” woods, Standgrove. There they had snack and tried to count the trees (too many we decided!). They also tried bark rubbing and were fascinated by the texture on the bark. By the time they were back in the Pigsty they were ready for lunch. Rest time was one of the quietest ever!!!

On Wednesday afternoon the children all celebrated Chinese New Year. First, they listened to the story of the Great Animal Race. The children sat so beautifully and listened so carefully. Throughout the afternoon they made dragons, danced with drums and cymbals in the garden, practised their pencil control and enjoyed a Chinese snack. Lastly, they all learnt a song wishing a Happy New Year.

Dance had a bear theme this week. Once the children had warmed up their bodies (what a cold day it was!) Miss Hayley asked the children to look after a bear each and dance around the room. It was a very cute sight!

Gardening club was reduced to working inside again (still too cold to grow anything) so everyone made fluffy mittens to keep warm. The children did go out to play though and enjoyed spending time in the ‘front garden’ (the playground near the Reception classes), playing on the climbing frame and playing games together.

The children who were at Nursery and Pre-Nursery on Friday decorated little hearts donated by the Farmhouse Friends. As it has been Random Act of Kindness week in the Pre Prep the idea was to give their heart to someone special at home, although we suspect they will all keep them for themselves! The Friends’ cake sale went well and, of course, we managed to collect lots of pennies for charity day. Thank you for your continued support for all of the good causes we collect for.