NativityThe play opens with seven children searching the market for presents to buy. They stumble across some toy sellers who amongst their gifts have an old battered Christmas jigsaw. The toy sellers give the children the jigsaw as it’s “priceless” on the condition they pause for a while on Christmas Eve and piece the jigsaw together.  The children aren’t convinced by a boring old wooden jigsaw. 

Whilst wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, the children remember what the toy sellers said and take a jigsaw piece out of the box. The story of Jesus’ birth is told as the jigsaw is put together and the children meet angels, shepherds, wise men, Nazarenes, Mary, Joseph and of course the wicked King Herod. The children later find out the toy sellers were angels in disguise. 

The moral of the story?  Never forget the true meaning of Christmas!

After the performance, Hilary Nawrocka, Headmistress said:  “The children have learnt so much over the last few weeks: how to project their voices, be confident and smile. They have also learnt an awful lot about what Christmas is really about.”

NativityAmy Venables-Kyrke, Deputy Head, said: “The Nativity was wonderful and credit goes to the fabulous children.  They worked really hard and loved every minute – as did we!   What the children achieved in a few short weeks was magnificent and it is fantastic to see such young children take on the challenge of acting in such an incredibly confident way.”

The children also had their own views:

Jessica (Toy Seller)

“My best bit was the singing as I did a solo!  I was a little bit nervous but once I started singing it was brilliant.”

Nayan (Courtier)

“I loved it.  I loved my part and I loved doing the play.”

Garik (Melchior)

“I really liked saying my lines.  And I gave the myrrh to Jesus so that was really good too.”

Mohammed (Purple Angel)

“My favourite bit was all the songs.”

William (Shepherd)

“My best bit was looking after my sheep and singing.”