The Importance of Being International

This week, two of the Vth decided to write an opinion piece: their thinking on internationalism and Hilton.  It makes for interesting reading.

The importance of international boarders in Hilton House.

In our opinion, a mix of different nationalities makes a boarding house. Without this diversity we would be just like a normal boarding or day house. It is extremely important to have this mix not only from a social aspect but also from an educational one. Many different cultures allow the Hilton boys to develop through learning things they otherwise wouldn’t. It enables us to try foods from all over the world on Saturday socials, the Chinese New Year celebrations being just one example. If we are going to be 100% honest, being in a boarding house makes school that little bit more special. At the end of the day when you’re tired from working, you come back to a great bunch of guys that all get along.

We think the bond between all the boys in Hilton is far stronger than any other house, across yeargroups and nationalities.  Everyone contributes to a house spirit that is reflected in our moto ‘Unity Is Strength’ there are examples of this everywhere in the boys’ achievements. We have great athletes competing at national level, we have debaters going to the MUN in the UK and abroad, we have great poets, musicians and men. All this is made possible because we are an international house. To list a few of our nationalities, we have, Bulgarians, Spanish, French, Germans, Austrians, Russians, Hong Kong Chinese, Ghanaians and, this year, Bermudans. The strong sense of community and brotherhood is supported by our many nationalities, it is clear that once you are part of Hilton, Hilton will always be a part of you.

Matt G. and Borja M.S.