Repair Cafe Details

• Please bring the items to the Café during lunchtime on Monday 20th March
• Items will be reviewed and either accepted and booked in for repair or declined if it is outside the Accepted Item list or the item is beyond repair
• Some repairs may be completed during the lunch hour, but the majority will be held by the maintenance department and repaired as soon as possible, and once repaired the owner will be contacted by the maintenance dept to collect

Accepted items:
• Sports equipment: cricket bats, re-grip: tennis rackets / hockey sticks / golf clubs
• Small wooden items: toys, small pieces of furniture, picture frames, trophy bases, jewellery boxes, luggage trunks
• Small electric items: Items with damaged leads, lamps, curling tongs, hairdryers. No devices, phones or chargers
• Clothes and fabric items: shoes, general clothing, hats, blankets, bags, items with missing buttons, soft toys
• Mechanical items: Bikes, scooters, roller skates