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Sustainability Week

20th-24th March 2023.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Ardingly College, sustainability is a key focus, with a dedicated committee working to identify areas where the College can be more sustainable. This includes everything from reducing waste and energy consumption to encouraging sustainable practices among students and staff. On this page you will discover activities taking place during sustainability week. 

Lecture Series & Talks

Mr Millward from the Physics Department will be delivering the sixth lecture in this year’s series on the theme of Sustainability, entitled ‘AGW: Anthropogenic Global Warming’. He will be discussing human-induced global warming, including what the science tells us about how we can be sure it is happening and what its causes are, what the impacts are, and how it can potentially be mitigated.

Keith Manger is the building manager of the world-famous Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place. Keith has more than two decades of overseeing the day-to-day running of the most biodiverse place on the planet and is kindly giving up his time to share his knowledge and expertise of environmental sustainability.

Deepak Mahajan from Fly About Aviation is responsible for bringing fully electric aircraft to the UK, technology with the potential to have a huge impact in making aviation more sustainable. He has very kindly agreed to talk to the students about his work and the future of aviation.

Old Ardinians will be returning to the College to answer students’ questions about careers in sustainability. Spanning a range of industries and sectors from regenerative farming to financial services to marketing, students can come and find out more about how they can pursue a career linked to sustainability, whatever their skills and interests (see panellists below).


Sustainable Transport: the Ardingly Ifield Solar Car and Electric Vehicles

Dr Spiers (MBE) will be leading a talk about sustainable transport. He will talk through the history and future of building solar powered cars at Ardingly College before introducing a range of speakers, including Bill Murray & Harrison Hughes, organisers of the London to Brighton/Paris Electric Vehicle Rally, who will discuss recent EV advances, William Keene of Carver, and Keno Mario-Ghae, Head of Special Projects at The Little Car Company. Alongside the talk, a large collection of electric vehicles will be on display by the archway for students to examine.

What's on

Biomass Boiler

Tours of the amazing and mysterious biomass boiler.

Sustainable menu

Menus will be adapted.

More veggy options, more non-dairy milks, and all vegetarian soups and salads.

Printer Switch off

The ultimate challenge during sustainability week.

To be paperless for a week.

Food Waste Awareness

Students’ leftover lunchtime food will be weighed

to encourage them to be more conscious of food waste.

Energy Usage Competition

Boarding houses compete to reduce energy usage.

Winner is house with biggest reduction.

Recycling Competition

Houses compete to recycle the most.

Electric Catering Van Art Competition

Catering Department has a new electric van.

It needs an eye-catching design highlighting sustainability.

Art Scholars invited to create.

Rewilding Project

420 trees to be planted during lunchtimes.

By Kiln Wood car park.

Clothes Swap

Clothes swap during lunchtimes

students recycle their clothes by swapping them for ‘new’ ones

Repair Cafe

Sustainability Week's Repair Shop.

Bring items for repair instead of replacement.

House Debating

Sustainability-related motion.

"Technological progress won't solve environmental issues."

Sustainability themed lessons

Subject teachers incorporate sustainability into lessons.

Take a Risk Presentation

VI Business Comp. with a sustainability twist.

Students pitch new sustainable product.

Solar Car Course

Ardingly Ifield Solar have been developing an online e-learning course called the Solar Diploma. The 7-unit course is designed to empower pupils in the latest battery, electric motor and solar panel technologies. Students will work their way through a module on batteries during two sessions this week.

Careers Panel - Old Ardinians will be returning to the College to answer students' questions about careers in sustainability.

Claudia Mackenzie (2016), Analyst, Green Giraffe

Sam Phillips (2013), Low Carbon Consultant, Advisian

Charlie Southwood (2014), Consultant, Junxion Strategy

Holly Whitelaw (1988), Director, Regenerative Food & Farming

Tom Wood (2009), Transport and Infrastructure Project Specialist

Sustainabilty Week Programme