Students’ Delight at Oxbridge Offers

Ardingly College is celebrating the success of its students who have been offered places at the prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Places were awarded to Tom Cunningham, Geography; Simon Walton, Music; Isabelle Worssam, Natural Sciences; Ella Spilling, English; Athena Browning, German and Philosophy; Melissa Terzi, Music; and Luca Williams, Philosophy and Theology.  The students were delighted with their offers:

The application process is so intense and unpredictable; I’m so grateful to everyone who spent their free time trying to help me prepare as well as possible.”

Tom Cunningham


“I’m extremely excited for this opportunity and am very grateful for all the support I received during the application process.”

Simon Walton


“I’m very thankful for all the support I received in obtaining this offer and for providing me with this great opportunity.”

Ella Spilling


“I’m very grateful for the opportunities Ardingly has presented to me, and I am thrilled that through my hard work, I have been accepted into my dream school!”

         Melissa Terzi


“I am incredibly thankful to have this opportunity and so grateful to my teachers, who went the extra mile to ensure I was prepared for everything. I would not be here without the support and encouragement I received from my teachers, peers and family.”

Athena Browning


“I fell in love with Cambridge from the moment I first saw it and I’m so glad all my hard work paid off. I’m very excited for what September will bring but its back to working hard now to get my offer grades.”

Isabelle Worssam


“I am so elated to get into Oxford to study my dream course: Philosophy and Theology. I was so blessed to have the education I did and am so grateful to everybody who has facilitated my childhood dream.”

Luca Williams (nOT PICTURED ABOVE)


Georgina Stafford, Head of Sixth Form, enthused:

“This builds upon the academic success of Ardingly College and I am delighted for our students.  They have worked very hard to gain these offers and we wish them all the best of luck with their exams.”


Mary Ireland, Chair of the Education Committee, said:

“It’s so encouraging to see the focus and efforts of some of the Ardingly College students gaining places at Oxford and Cambridge during a time when these institutions are recruiting the brightest students from across the world.”