Steepo 2016

The rain held off for Steepo 2016 and the dry Autumn led to perfect running conditions for the biggest sporting event of the year in terms of the number of students.  473 Senior and Sixth Form pupils crossed the finishing line, accompanied by a number of teachers.      


Congratulations to all the students who took part and competed with such good humour and House spirit.            

Once again, we decided to reward House Spirit and those that really give their all to the true meaning of Steepo by not giving up.  The Endeavour Cups took into consideration the finishing position of each and EVERY runner from each house.                


Junior Girls
1 Eliza Haines Toynbee 17.27
2 Elise Hooper Neal 18.40
3 Karina St John-Dennis Aberdeen 18.44
Senior Girls  
1 Rebecca Chee Woodard Girls 17.24
2 Imogen Waters Woodard Girls 17.31
3 Carolyn Parker Aberdeen 17.50
Junior Boys  
1 Joseph Martin Rhodes 14.02
2 Sebastian Walton Crosse 15.45
3 Bradley Frankland Crosse 15.50
Senior Boys  
1 Henry Aronson Hilton 13.28
2 Cameron Elder Crosse 13.34
3 Eddie Lambie Rhodes 13.47
Ridd Cup – for the 6 fastest runners amongst the  Girls: Woodard Girls
Thompson Cup – for the top 6 places amongst the Junior Boys:   Crosse
Youd Cup – for the top 6 places amongst the Senior Boys: Crosse
Bryant Cup – for the best overall Boys' House:  Crosse
Junior Girls Endeavour     Neal
Senior Girls Endeavour   Woodard Girls  
Junior Boys Endeavour Mertens           
Senior Boys Endeavour  Crosse      












Headmaster running