Solar Car: The World Solar Challenge is Underway

Built by our students and those from Ifield Community College, we are delighted that the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia is now underway. The team, which includes 12 students – the youngest of whom is only 16 – are attempting to travel 3000 km using solar power alone.

The race is the most elite solar challenge in the world, involving hundreds of participants and years of preparation. The Challenge welcomes guests from around the globe to Australia to push the limits of technological innovation and travel the outback in a vehicle powered by only the energy of the sun. Our students and their support team have achieved real greatness by engineering and building the car with their own hands.  They are now powering it across some of the world’s most challenging landscape. The week-long race will certainly be a test of endurance for both the car, and the children and teachers’ team. Their entourage includes: Two 4-Wheel Drive All-Terrain trucks; Two 8-Seater Cars; 1 support truck; 3 toilets; 21 large boxes of equipment; Food for over 400 meals to cook in the outback.

We are closely following our team @ArdinglySolar and wishing them all the very best for the duration of the race.