Shaping my World Launch

One and a half years of planning but today we launched our Shaping My World initiative to develop characteristics and skills so our pupils embrace our College’s World Ready culture, that intends to set them up for life. We want the pupils to develop an independence so we teach them how to prepare themselves for anything. This will be developed based on 4 words ending in US. The characteristics: AdventuroUS, GeneroUS, CurioUS, and IngenioUS. We will be looking for our pupils to develop all these characteristics, they are easy to define and easy to remember and a vast list of skills can be taught and developed.

With a packed schedule of events over the next two weeks, our children will take part in activities too varied to detail entirely, but including first aid, communication skills, map reading, cooking, booking a holiday, sewing, political discussion, reporting of Brexit, the environment, mindfulness, wellbeing and self-policing of screen time.

Shaping My World will be at the heart of our Prep School ethos.  As Harry Hastings, Headmaster, enthused “these are exciting times and only by being creative and innovative can we deliver the type of education our pupils deserve, require and want. Our pupils must learn how to make the world a better place from the world they were born into.  These characteristics and skills will shape their world.”