Shakespeare Conference

Ardingly College’s annual academic conference celebrating the works of William Shakespeare. The theme was Change & Stasis and the College was delighted to welcome three renowned Shakespeare academics, Professor John Jowett from the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Professor Sonia Massai from KCL, Dr Sean McEvoy from Cambridge, and Shapespearean actor, Tunji Kasim.

The keynote addresses explored the topography of Macbeth, accents in Shakespeare and Hamlet and regime change. Following the keynote addresses Ardingly College students, teachers and visitors from other schools delivered their own research papers, exploring themes as diverse as stoicism in Julius Caesar, the portrayal of women in Othello, or pregnancy, dreams and the female body in Shakespeare. The papers were expertly researched, and question and answer sessions lively and animated.

In the afternoon, we were joined by Tunji Kasim, who has just finished a run as Caesar Octavian in the Royal National Theatre’s production of Anthony and Cleopatra and is a long-time actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He said of the day:  “The range of essays exploring Shakespeare’s many themes was great. Congratulations to you all at Ardingly, it is clear the hard work you’re undertaking.”

The day came to a great conclusion with scenes from Romeo and Juliet, performed by Ardingly drama students.